Where Does Cowhide Come From?

When it comes to home decoration, cowhides become an excellent choice for offering an exotic appeal to your house. Also, the leather is so good that it can last for a more extended period. Often at times, people wonder from … Read More

Can Cowhide Rugs Be Cleaned?

Cowhide rugs are considered a fashionable item in a modern interior offering a unique and stylish appearance. They come within different patterns on a cow’s skin; however, just like every rug and carpet, cowhide rugs also require high maintenance to … Read More

What is Cowhide Leather?

Cowhide is the natural and, at the same time, unbleached skin as well as hair of a cow or it can be said “cow leather“. Cowhide leather is the finished product that is achieved from various processes like tanning. Cowhide leather is … Read More