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  • Xs Bicolor Cowhide Rug 5 X 6 Hf 2021 10xs

    XS Bicolor Cowhide Rug 5′ x 6′ HF-2021-10XS

    • Brown and White Cowhide Rug
    • Size 5 x 6 Feet
    • Hereford Breed
    • Spice up your small room
    • South American Hide
    • Quality for ages
  • Bright Hereford Cowhide 6 X 7 Hf 03 08

    Bright Hereford Cowhide 6′ x 7′ HF-03-08

    • Bright Brown and White Cowhide
    • Size 6 x 7 Feet
    • Nice color pallete
    • Cozy atmosphere creation
    • Top range quality
    • Made in Brazil
  • Dotted Black And White Cowhide Bw 02 60

    Dotted Black and White Cowhide BW-02-60

    • Black and White Cowhide
    • Medium Size
    • Dotted Nature Made Pattern
    • South American Origins
    • Never Seen Quality
  • Hereford Cowhide 7 X 8 Hf 01 09

    Hereford Cowhide 7′ x 8′ HF-01-09

    • Large Hereford Cowhide
    • Size 7 x 8 Feet
    • Natural Colors
    • Made in Brazil
    • Astonishing quality
  • Bicolor Cowhide 6 X 7 Feet Hf 01 07

    Bicolor Cowhide 6 x 7 Feet HF-01-07

    • Hereford Cowhide
    • Size 6 x 7 Feet
    • South American hide
    • Premium quality
    • Glamourous feeling
  • Star Cowhide Rug 1

    Star Cowhide Rug

    Looking for a luxury rug to be the star of your decor? The Star Cowhide Rug will instantly add to the ambiance of your space with its striking design. A white star composed of carefully arranged squares of cowhide catches the eye, while the surrounding squares in tones of brown bring rich, warm earth tones to the design. As pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye, the rug will make an entryway, living room or other space feel cozy and inviting. The fine quality craftsmanship and durable, stain-resistant materials ensure that this home accessory will stand the test of time.

  • Starburst Patchwork Rug 1

    Starburst Patchwork Rug

    The Starburst Patchwork Rug brings a burst of style to interiors and adds character to modern spaces. The rug is composed of diamond-shaped cowhide pieces that are perfectly arranged to create zones of chocolaty browns, snowy whites and midnight blacks. While the cowhide rug is bursting with energy, its neutral colors allow it to complement home interiors without drawing attention away from furnishings and other accessories in the room. Durable enough to be used in areas with heavy traffic, the luxury area rug is resistant to staining, and its anti-slip backing keeps it securely in place for your convenience.

  • X Marks The Spot Rug 1

    X Marks the Spot Rug

    In the case of this rug, X marks the spot on something stylish, chic and sure to enhance the beauty of your home. This fabulous modern home accessory features a repeated geometric motif with beige “X” shapes superimposed on quatrefoils in shades of brown. Black crosses separate the elements in the pattern, and a solid black border frames the rug. Made to feel as luxurious as it appears, the unique home accessory is fashioned out of cowhide that has a fuzzy, warm feel and an attractive visual texture. The rug is resistant to stains and has an anti-slip back.