Real vs Faux Cowhide Rug

Real Versus Faux Cowhide Rug

Ever wondered why it is essential to distinguish the difference between a real vs fake? Ever came across an experience where you buy something on a lower price, but turns out to be a third-class item? Ever felt the need of carefully researching before purchasing something online? Well turns out you aren’t the only one, as many people have gone through similar experiences and find the urge to be careful before making a purchase.

Genuine vs Fake Cowhide

Just like every item, fake cowhides are also available online, and on stores; however, there are many ways to save yourself from buying a faux cowhide. Fake cowhides can be quite disappointing, as they do not last for more than two years and even the product itself starts to harden over time. But real cowhides are highly durable because its leather is genuine, coming directly from the cattle industry.

In this article, we will be discussing the differences between fake and real cowhide rugs.

How to Know if Cowhide Rug is Faux?

Fake cowhide rugs:

  • Are lightweight as compared to the original as their leather is not genuine
  • Are fake-hair-made that do not feel soft when touched
  • Are non-durable
  • Have colors and patterns that do not look natural

Authentic Cowhide Rugs

Unlike faux cowhides which come straight from a textile factory, real cowhides come from the cattle industry. They are 100% authentic cow skin which are only available in sectors dealing with cattle (meat and dairy industry).

Real cowhide rugs:

  • Are heavier that fake ones
  • Have genuine hair-on hide that feel soft and comfortable to touch
  • Are durable and can last for a more extended period than any other rug available in the market
  • Have unique colors and patterns
  • Will always be different each other