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  • White Herringbone Rug 1

    White Herringbone Rug

    Who says that white area rugs can’t make a bold statement? The White Herringbone Rug draws the eye in with its subtle variations in color that include off-white, ivory, eggshell and pale beige. Clean and simple, the rug looks especially striking on dark floors and will match the palette of any space. Composed out of rectangular pieces of luxurious cowhide, the rug has an extravagant texture that matches its elegant style perfectly. The stain-resistant properties and easy-to-care-for materials of the home accessory eliminate the worries of soiling that can come with other white rugs.

  • Triangle Mosaic Rug 1

    Triangle Mosaic Rug

    Maintain a minimalist mod look in your space by finishing the floor with the Triangle Mosaic Rug. While this rug is solid black in color and sure to match any interior, its composition allows it to add a unique texture to any space. The area rug is made by carefully stitching together triangular pieces of black cowhide, creating a geometric look in a single shade. As functional as it is fashionable and luxurious, the rug is stain-resistant and durably crafted for use in any area. An anti-slip backing completes the design.

  • Black White V Stripe Rug 1

    Black and White V Stripe Rug

    A trendy pattern is given a whole new look and texture with the Black and White V Stripe Rug. With the luxurious pile and warmth of cowhide, this natural rug feels amazing underfoot and makes a bold statement in any room. While from a distance the rug looks as if it were simply printed with alternating white and black stripes with continuous construction, upon closer inspection, you can see that this rug is actually a patchwork. Each black and white stripe is formed by meticulously stitching together rectangular pieces of cowhide, creating subtle vertical lines that enhance the visual appeal of the rug.

  • Black White Cow Mosaic Rug 1

    Black and White Cow Mosaic Rug

    Mooooove over ordinary rugs! The Black and White Cow Mosaic Rug is inspired by the natural spots of color found on black and white dairy cows and even provides the luxurious feel and warmth of cowhide to enhance the level of comfort in any room of your home. Fashioned out of premium cowhide, the majority of the rug is composed of squares of material in solid white and white with black spots. Triangles of solid black create a high contrast border around the edges that brings out the spotted patterning perfectly. This rug is anti-slip for safety in high traffic areas.

  • Gray Trellis Rug 1

    Gray Trellis Rug

    Gorgeous cowhide trellis patterns rest atop a blend of gray-toned wool and viscose backdrop, offering a rug that is not only striking to behold but also soft to walk upon as well. The Gray Trellis Rug uses varying shades of natural cowhide to make up the trellis patterns, giving it a diverse and naturally appealing look. The combination of viscose, wool and cowhide gives it a luxuriously soft look and feel, adding instant elegance to any look. On the back of the rug is an anti-slip mat that will prevent the rug from moving around excessively.

  • Diagonal Bar Rug 1

    Diagonal Bar Rug

    Perfectly subtle, the Diagonal Bar Rug is neutral enough to fit into the design styles of any room without clashing with its colors or decor pattern. The rug features alternating bars of medium thickness in white or gray, creating a beautiful eye-catching effect that you won’t be able to look away from. The rug itself is fashioned out of gorgeous cowhide leather, which is remarkably soft and smooth on its own but is made even more so with the addition of the viscose material. There is an anti-slip mat on the back to keep the floor covering in place.

  • Latticed Cowhide Area Rug 1

    Latticed Cowhide Area Rug

    Using natural tones of varying browns and white, the Latticed Cowhide Area Rug creates a subtle pattern that can easily be worked into any bedroom or living room regardless of the existing decor. The backdrop of the brown cowhide patterning is a light gray hue that makes the colors of the cowhide patterning pop. From top to bottom, the rug is crafted out of warm, soft cowhide and viscose material, while the wool blended in gives it a thicker, more durable and warmer feel. The anti-slip back allows it to remain stable for your safety.

  • Grayscale Trellis Rug 1

    Grayscale Trellis Rug

    Neutral hues and subtle diamond patterns make the Grayscale Trellis Rug one that is subtle enough to include into any room, no matter the color scheme or the design style. The rug has a light gray background upon which slightly darker gray, silver and off white strips of cowhide create the diamond-shaped patterns. The rug is crafted entirely out of a blend of viscose, wool and cowhide, which provides an ultrasoft and luxurious look and feel while also reinforcing its durability. The rug is designed to stay in place, thanks to its anti-slip mat.

  • Geometric Cowhide Rug 1

    Geometric Cowhide Rug

    Precisely cut triangles of cowhide are artfully arranged into the striking mosaic that is this contemporary area rug. With shades of black, grey, white and cream, the geometric cowhide rug can coordinate with any palette effortlessly. The texture of the material makes the rug as wonderful to feel underfoot as its color and intricate patterning are pleasing to the eye. While the stylish rug is luxurious, the home accessory is also incredibly durable and can withstand wear and tear even in high traffic areas. Anti-stain treatment and non-slip safety backing round out the features of this monochrome geometric rug.

  • Diagonal Chevron Area Rug 1

    Diagonal Chevron Area Rug

    With their simplistic, yet striking look, chevron stripes are setting trends in modern home design, and the Diagonal Chevron Area Rug lets you incorporate this ultra chic pattern into your space with a rug that is finely crafted to stand the test of time. Made from rectangular cowhide blocks, the area rug features striking diagonal zigzags in alternating chocolate brown and white colors. The stain resistance and durability of the rug allow the home accessory to work perfectly in any room from the kitchen to the foyer to the living room. On the back, high-quality grip material prevents slipping.

  • Earth Tone Chevron Rug 1

    Earth Tone Chevron Rug

    Chevron stripes are all the rage in interior design today, and this sophisticated cowhide area rug makes it easy to incorporate the trendy motif into your interior. Modern and elegant, the rug is composed out of rectangular strips of cowhide that are arranged like tiles into a series of zigzags. Its earth-toned palette gives the rug a rich, warm look to complement the soft, luxurious feel of its materials. The contemporary rug makes a distinctive statement in any interior while still perfectly coordinating with many palettes. Durable and stain-resistant, the rug can provide years of beauty in your room.

  • Earth Tone Herringbone Rug 1

    Earth Tone Herringbone Rug

    Herringbone stripes have been beloved by interior designers for decades, and in the Earth Tone Herringbone Rug, they’re re-imagined in a whole new way. These striking stripes are a patchwork produced from rectangles of cowhide. Materials alternate between solid white strips and natural patterned pieces in grey, beige, brown and taupe. While this cowhide area rug never fails to capture attention, its colors are neutral enough to blend in perfectly with any room, and because it is durably crafted and stain resistant, you can use the rug in the dining room or kitchen or in high traffic hallways without worry.

  • Diamond Lattice Rug 1

    Diamond Lattice Rug

    The Diamond Lattice Rug adds warmth to hard flooring and a modern finishing touch to any space with its mosaic composed of cowhide. Petite diamonds in varying shades of light brown and beige are framed with thick black diagonals in this unique design. Its neutral palette makes the rug easy to mix and match with many accent colors in a home interior design, while its durable construction ensures years of beautiful use in areas that receive heavy foot traffic. The stain-resistant materials are easy to maintain over time. For safety and convenience, the rug is finished with an anti-slip backing.

  • Black White Harlequin Cowhide Rug 1

    Black and White Harlequin Rug

    A traditional pattern and a classic color combination combine with a modern material to make the Black and White Harlequin Rug simply extraordinary. Diamonds of black cowhide appear between white frames, creating a two-tone effect that is dynamic but well-suited to any color palette. The geometric chic area rug features a solid white border that adds the perfect final detail to the sign. Easy to maintain and resistant to staining, this rug will hold up well to daily wear, even in areas that receive heavy foot traffic. On the back of the rug, an anti-slip backing helps to keep the accessory in place.

  • Chainlink Cowhide Leather Rug 1

    Chainlink Cowhide Leather Rug

    Interlocking chains of various patterns of cowhide weave in and out of one another in the Chainlink Cowhide Leather Rug, offering an eye-catching, modern way to tie together any contemporary space. The rug features a light grayish tan background color, crafted from smooth, enticing cowhide leather. Atop the neutral backdrop are the weaving, almost serpentine style “links” crafted from a variety of cowhide colors and styles, including honey brown, light brown, black white and more, some strips retaining their natural hide patterning. From top to bottom, the rug is fashioned out of soft, stain-resistant cowhide leather for a luxurious look and feel.

  • Circles Area Rug 1

    Circles Area Rug

    Circular patterns swirl around and around to create the eye-catching patterns of the rug, making the Circles Area Rug a nice addition to any contemporary space that needs a little modern charm without taking away from the existing decor. The rug features a light gray backdrop that plays host to the pattern which consists of darker gray, silver and white hues. It is fashioned entirely out of high quality viscose and genuine cowhide leather, a combination that is softer than anything else. The wool thickens up the rug and gives it a warmer, cozier feel.

  • Natural Colors Diamond Rug 1

    Natural Colors Diamond Rug

    Using an intentionally faded, sandy brown hue, off whites and a cloudy gray color, the Natural Colors Diamond Rug mimics the colors often found in nature, particularly on river stones. The gorgeous rug uses all three of those colors to create diamond shapes running throughout the rug, giving it a more contemporary look. The rug is every bit as beautiful as it is strong, thanks to the luxurious and robust blend of wool, cowhide and wool, which is remarkably soft to the touch while also being warm and snug. An anti-slip mat on the back stops it from slipping around.

  • Yellow Lattice Leather Rug 1

    Yellow Lattice Leather Rug

    A gorgeous, classic lattice print composes the bold and vibrant Yellow Lattice Leather Rug, bringing color and detail from top to bottom in any room of the house. The backdrop of the colorful rug is a sunny, golden yellow color upon which the varying shades of gray create a lattice effect by linking in a diamond shape. The rug is fashioned entirely out of sleek, supple cowhide leather that has been dyed to give the rug the desired effect without sacrificing its soft nature. On the back is an anti-slip component to keep the rug in place.

  • Yellow Chevron Cowhide Rug 1

    Yellow Chevron Cowhide Rug

    There is nothing like bold chevron to spice up any room, and with the chevron pattern of the Yellow Chevron Cowhide Rug, you can add sunny cheer and vivid modern style to any space that needs a bigger personality. The rug consists of varying shades of yellow and gray chevron patterning, each piece consisting of dyed cowhide leather that not only adds to its charm but also gives a more luxurious look and feel. The soft leather rug is naturally able to resist signs of wear and tear as well as any stains that might otherwise show.

  • Turquoise Aquamarine Trellis Cowhide Rug 1

    Turquoise Aquamarine Cowhide Rug

    Add some Moroccan bazaar flair to your living space with the mesmerizing Turquoise Aquamarine Cowhide Rug. The beautiful rug features a traditional trellis pattern with outlines made up of various shades of blue and green, giving it a breezy, beachy feel. In between the borders are various shades of neutral grays that make the pattern pop to life. The rug is crafted out of carefully dyed cowhide leather that makes it impossibly soft to the touch while also being strong and resistant to wear. An anti-slip base allows it to more easily stay in place.

  • Blue And Gray Cowhide Rug 1

    Blue and Gray Cowhide Rug

    If you’re looking for a rug that is sure to create the ultimate focal point in your space, look no further than the Blue and Gray Cowhide Rug. Composing the pattern of the rug are equal parts light blue and light gray triangular peaks that line up with one another in a vertical way to create a mesmerizing pattern that you can easily get lost in. Each piece has been carefully stitched together with just enough of the stitching visible to be stylish. The cowhide has been dyed to create the effect without giving up the softness of the leather.

  • Quatrefoil Cowhide Rug 1

    Quatrefoil Cowhide Rug

    An elegant pattern combines with rich, natural colors on this Quatrefoil Cowhide Rug. The repeated motif of white quatrefoils is offset beautifully by the background, which shows off natural animal hide coloration and markings. Composed from carefully arranged pieces of cowhide, the rug adds a luxurious finishing touch to interiors and has a remarkably soft, warm feel against the skin.

  • Brown White Cross Rug 1

    Brown and White Cross Rug

    You can cross finding that perfect finishing touch for your modern space off of your to-do list! The Brown and White Cross Rug will complete the look of any room from your elegant foyer to your rustic chic living room. Simple yet oh so stylish, this rug features brown crosses formed out of four hexagonal cowhide tiles set among petite white triangles and a diagonal grid formed from elongated hexagons. The patchwork rug adds both color and texture to interiors and is resistant to wear and tear and staining to remain beautiful and pleasing to the touch year after year.

  • Grey And White Diamond Rug 1

    Grey and White Diamond Rug

    Taking design cues from retro styles and combining them with modern accents, the Grey and White Diamond Rug brings boldness and eccentricity to any space in which it is placed. The rug uses light grey and off white colors to create diamond patterns with alternating grey and white centers covering the entire rug. The rug is crafted entirely out of a soft blend of viscose and cowhide leather that gives it a touchable softness, while its wool material helps to warm it up. On the back of the rug is an anti-slip material for your safety.