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  • Galaxy Circular Rug 1

    Galaxy Circular Rug

    Bring the sharp, ultramodern decor of your living space down from ceiling to floor with the Galaxy Circular Rug. The rug features a starburst-style pattern that extends out from the center of the rug, and using a variety of gray, white and black panels, creates an exploded look like that of a star bursting into existence. The rectangular panels of the rug contrast with the soft curves of the perimeter for a truly unique and modern appearance. On the back of the rug is an anti-slip mat to keep it in place for your safety.

  • Grayscale Circular Rug 1

    Grayscale Circular Rug

    Warm up the space in your home using the sprawling Grayscale Circular Rug. The rug uses a combination of gray, white and black panels that give it a neutral look, making it ideal for placement in any room, regardless of its decor style. The rug has thin rectangular panels that contrast in shape against the overall circular nature of the rug for a truly unique appearance. It is crafted using a blend of materials that are at once soft and warm, giving you everything you need in a rug. The cowhide and viscose provide a one-of-a-kind softness that can’t be beat.