Where Does Cowhide Come From?

Where Does Cowhide Come From

When it comes to home decoration, cowhides become an excellent choice for offering an exotic appeal to your house. Also, the leather is so good that it can last for a more extended period. Often at times, people wonder from where do cowhides come? Is it just a carpet made with fake hairs, or does it come from the original cow’s skin? Is it made by causing harm to the animal, or is it a part of the food and dairy industry?

There are so many questions that trigger your mind once you decide in purchasing a cowhide. However, its to notice here that it’s the most durable and highly demanding leather in the world today. In this article, we will be discussing cowhides, and from where exactly do they come.

Cowhide, The People’s Choice

Cowhide is by far one of the best leathers out there and highly popular in demand. It’s referred to as the most desirable yet the most durable leather of today’s time. It’s quite heavier than the rest of leathers available at the market. It can last longer than any other leather out there if appropriately maintained.

Cowhides are usually available in brown, black, white or grey colors with patterns. To preserve them, they are generally chrome tanned to ensure the hair on it becomes soft, durable, and has no odor left. Cowhides used for d├ęcor include rugs, tablecloths, stair runners, sofa or chair covers etc. They are also considered as an excellent choice for jackets and coats since the leather is heavy, so it keeps you warm during cold weather.

Where Does It Come From?

Cowhide is an original unbleached cow’s skin with its original hair. It’s unbleached to preserve the strands and color of a cow’s hide. There are many misconceptions regarding where it comes from as people often think that cows might get harmed during skin removing process. However, that’s not the case, as the leather comes from food (meat and dairy) industry.