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  • Geometric Grey And Black Rug 1

    Geometric Grey and Black Rug

    Using a muted grey and black color scheme, the Geometric Grey and Black Rug is the perfect choice for those looking to warm up their bedroom or living room without contrasting sharply against the rest of the decor. Thin black lines work around the rug and join with one another to create incomplete diamond patterns with asymmetry that gives the rug an even more modern appearance. Fashioned out of a blend of warm wool, soft viscose and plush cowhide, the rug offers an impeccable softness and strength that allow it to remain a viable choice of rug for your home for years to come.

  • Abstract Mosaic Rug 1

    Abstract Mosaic Rug

    When you spy the Abstract Mosaic Rug, you can’t help but want to investigate the luxury home accessory up close. This uniquely designed area rug appears as if it were made of natural stone due to its mix of natural colors and abstract geometric forms; however, the mosaic is formed out of warm, plush pieces of cowhide, giving the rug a surprising texture and feel. A solid black border defines the edges of the large area rug and allows it to stand out against any type of flooring. The rug is stain resistant and finished with a non-slip backing.

  • Cowhide Mosaic Rug 1

    Cowhide Mosaic Rug

    Give your living space or bedroom an artistic finishing touch while also warming up the floor with the Cowhide Mosaic Rug. The rug uses a variety of shapes and sizes of cowhide patches that all fit together seemingly at random, creating a sort of patchwork-style finish. Each of these pieces of cowhide come with their own colors and patterns that offer a more diverse appearance. The rug is ultrasoft to the touch, thanks to its genuine cowhide composition. On the back are anti-slip components that keeps the rug from slipping around.

  • Gray And Black Striped Rug 1

    Gray and Black Striped Rug

    Simple and straightforward, the Gray and Black Striped Rug can help tone down the look of your bedroom or living room to pull it together without detracting from the rest of the decor. Rectangular in shape, the rug features thin, horizontal stripes of black and gray that have been interrupted with little patches of black. The rug is crafted out of the strongest, highest quality materials, including its unique blend of wool, viscose and cowhide, providing a remarkably soft and luxurious look and feel. The back has an anti-slip component for your safety to keep the rug in place.

  • Cowhide Silver Rug 1

    Cowhide Silver Rug

    The beautiful Cowhide Silver Rug uses a blend of sleek cowhide, wool and viscose to create the appearance of a shimmery rug, giving you a rug that can delight the senses in more than just its soft touch. The rug features a dark gray background upon which interlocking, weaving lines of natural cowhide create the pattern. The cowhide is available with its natural coloring intact, giving you a rug with a one-of-a-kind look. It is also crafted with wool and viscose that provides you with an equally as soft and warm rug for any room that needs it.

  • Geometric Blue Cowhide Rug 1

    Geometric Blue Cowhide Rug

    Varying shades of blue merge together inside of the maze created by the pattern on the Geometric Blue Cowhide Rug to create an eye-catching appeal that will be hard for you to look away from. The rug uses a variety of squares full of blue shades that are covered in light gray points, each one connecting to the other in a seamless and never ending manner. The entire pattern is crafted out of dyed cowhide leather that is ultrasoft to the touch and will look its best, even with frequent traffic, maintaining its appearance for years to come.

  • Royal Purple Chevron Rug 1

    Royal Purple Chevron Rug

    All of the naturally regal appeal of purple combines with the modern beauty of sharp chevron patterns to create the Royal Purple Chevron Rug, a rug that is sure to add majesty and warmth to bedrooms and living rooms alike. The floor covering features alternating, zigzagging lines of a royal purple, grays and whites to create a never ending chevron pattern that seems to pop from the rug in a three-dimensional manner. The rug is fashioned out of sleek and plush cowhide leather that feels remarkably soft and looks just as luxurious as it resists signs of wear.

  • Fiery Orange Cowhide Rug 1

    Fiery Orange Cowhide Rug

    Fiery oranges work in harmony with light grays that offset their vibrant hues to create a stunning geometric pattern that seems to pop to life from the rug. The Fiery Orange Cowhide Rug features trapezoid shapes running all across it in various shades of red, orange, brown and gray to provide you with an ultramodern, colorful rug that is sure to grow the personality of any room it is placed into. The rug is constructed from high quality cowhide leather that is touchably soft and luxurious, providing just as much comfort as it does style.

  • Diamond Mosaic Leather Rug 1

    Diamond Mosaic Leather Rug

    The varying sizes and shapes of diamond patterns are broken up in an asymmetrical, random style to give the Diamond Mosaic Leather Rug a modern, almost three-dimensional look. The rug features a beautiful turquoise and aquamarine backdrop upon which the gray-toned diamond patterns are placed with varying levels of space in between them. Made from genuine cowhide that has been dyed for effect, the rug is remarkably soft and is naturally able to resist stains or signs of wear and tear. The anti-slip backing stops the rug from sliding out of place.

  • Diamonds And Circles Area Rug 1

    Diamonds and Circles Area Rug

    Put an artful touch on your modern home with the incredibly busy and intricate Diamonds and Circles Area Rug. The rug uses a neutral off white and gray color combination that affords it the neutrality it needs to be able to be incorporated into any room, regardless of the decor style or color scheme. Manufactured using premium cowhide leather and viscose, the rug looks every bit as luxurious as it feels, while its wool blend gives it a warmer, cozier feel. The anti-slip back keeps the rug from moving underfoot for your safety.

  • Grayscale Geometric Rug 1

    Grayscale Geometric Rug

    Neutral colors of black, white and gray combine in the ultramodern Grayscale Geometric Rug. The rug features square patches that consist of diagonal lines in black, gray and white, and when joined together, they create diamond shapes that repeat in an eye-catching manner across the rug. The rug is crafted out of a blend of cowhide leather, wool and viscose, a combination that provides an exceptionally warm, snug feeling. The wool traps in heat while the viscose and cowhide leather make it feel remarkable soft to the touch, cancelling out the roughness of wool.

  • Modern Dot Cowhide Rug 1

    Modern Dot Cowhide Rug

    If you’re searching for an area rug to add modern appeal to your space and coordinate perfectly with your palette, the Modern Dot Cowhide Rug is spot on! The mix of browns, beige and grey lets this rug blend in perfectly in virtually any interior and complements the look of hard flooring in a variety of colors. Made from cowhide, the rug features circles placed inside of squares in a repeated pattern that travels from end to end. To ensure easy care, the rug is stain-resistant, and the back is anti-slip for added safety.

  • Modern Geometric Cowhide Rug 1

    Modern Geometric Cowhide Rug

    Gorgeous geometric patterns cover the Modern Geometric Cowhide Rug in mesmerizing lines and angles that lead the eye around a never ending maze of beauty. The rug features varying shades of light brown, dark brown and tan squares that are interrupted by the creamy white and light gray-colored geometric shapes, providing an intricate mix of color and shape that can give an instant upgrade to any space in which it is placed. The rug is crafted entirely out of ultrasoft cowhide leather that feels soft and smooth beneath your feet while also being durable enough to outlast many years of use.

  • Concentric Diamond Cowhide Rug 1

    Concentric Diamond Cowhide Rug

    Prepare to be drawn in. The alternating diamonds in black and white that form the Concentric Diamond Cowhide Rug pulls your eye toward the center of the rug, making this contemporary home accessory a clever way to call attention to a focal point in any room from a dining table to a seating area. Fashioned out of the finest cowhide, the rug is constructed out of squares of white and black material that are laid out in stripes and then stitched together to create the geo design. A solid black border runs along the outer edges to clearly define the rug.

  • Chic Cow Print Rug 1

    Chic Cow Print Rug

    With a mosaic design, the Chic Cow Print Rug is made up of equally sized squares of cowhide in tones of solid white, solid black and spotted black and white. These individual pieces are carefully arranged to create black spots in opposite corners and smaller splashes of black throughout this rug’s unique monochrome design.

  • Midnight Cowhide Rug 1

    Midnight Cowhide Rug

    The Midnight Cowhide Rug is a dynamic home accessory that almost seems to move before your eyes. Created by carefully stitching together rectangular strips of luxury grade cowhide, this rug features spokes of black and grey at its bottom that seem to be radiating from a central point and then mixing with a white background as the eye travels outward toward the edges. Use this go-with-everything home accessory to add interest to any space and draw attention to an area of a room that you want to highlight; its durable, stain resistant materials allow it to hold up well anywhere you display it.

  • Y Interlock Cowhide Rug 1

    Y Interlock Cowhide Rug

    Why settle for an ordinary area rug when you can invest in a home accessory that will catch the eye of guests and last for years to come? The Y Interlock Cowhide Rug has a novel design that looks like neutral-toned “Y” letters connecting with one another. A palette of greys, creams, beiges and tans makes this contemporary rug one that will look at home with any color scheme, and its furry material make it a wonderful rug for walking over barefoot and laying down on. Its design is made by stitching together “V” and triangular shapes of cowhide.

  • Chocolate Explosion Patchwork Rug 2

    Chocolate Explosion Patchwork Rug

    Boom! The Chocolate Explosion Patchwork Rug makes an explosively powerful statement in any room of the home and will instantly draw the eye to wherever it’s positioned. As a result, this cowhide rug works perfectly to accentuate special furnishings or guide the eye toward the main seating or dining area in a room. The brown and white rug is made from narrow, rectangular strips of hide that are artfully arranged to make it look as if the darkest colors are bursting outward from the bottom section of the rug. Its neutral hues blend effortlessly with any color palette.

  • Night Day Cowhide Rug 1

    Night and Day Cowhide Rug

    Once you have the Night and Day Cowhide Rug on the floor in your space, the difference between before and after will be day and night. While this rug is minimalist chic, it adds plenty of interest to contemporary interiors with its transition from black to brown to beige to white and back again. This fabulous floor covering is made from squares of natural cowhide. Anti-slip to ensure safety, the rug can be used in any spot in the home and has stain-resistant protection.

  • Modern Ombre Cowhide Rug 1

    Modern Ombre Cowhide Rug

    The Modern Ombre Cowhide Rug draws you in with its smooth transition of color and works to add interest to a space while perfectly complementing its surroundings. Rectangles of cowhide in varying shades gradually transition from deep black to chocolate brown to beige, leading the eye to the white middle of the design. The lush materials make the rug perfect for sitting and reclining on, while the durability of the home accessory ensures that it is equally well-suited for foot traffic and for placing under furnishings. Stain-resistant properties simplify maintenance. An anti-slip backing rounds out the features of this luxurious piece.

  • Ring Grid Rug 1

    Ring Grid Rug

    The Ring Grid Rug is an elegant study of geometry that makes a dramatic statement while matching any color palette with its black and white color scheme. A true masterpiece of craftsmanship, the patchwork rug features black grid lines that run vertically and horizontally, intersecting with solid black rings. The remainder of the rug shows off an array of natural black and white patterns that create a marble effect when viewed from afar. Materials make the accessory heavenly to walk, sit and lie on, and the rug is stain and wear and tear resistant to ensure durability and ease of care.

  • Modern Monochrome Cowhide Rug 1

    Modern Monochrome Cowhide Rug

    The Modern Monochrome Cowhide Rug is sure to add pizzazz to entryways, dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, foyers, parlors and other spaces within modern homes. Fabricated out of the finest quality cowhide, the rug is a patchwork formed from squares that are meticulously arranged into a contemporary geometric pattern and then stitched together. The design includes an X-shaped white motif accented by white diamonds and triangles, and the solid black border brings the look of the area rug to a stylish finish. This cowhide rug is stain-resistant and has an anti-slip backing to ensure safety.

  • Earth Tone Mosaic Rug 1

    Earth Tone Mosaic Rug

    Whether it’s viewed from up close or from afar, the Earth Tone Mosaic Rug is a true delight for the eye. This luxurious modern home accessory is made by stitching together rectangular pieces of stain-resistant cowhide, and each individual section of material shows off its own unique texture, color, and pattern. Soft and warm, the rug makes lounging on the floor or walking barefoot a simple pleasure, and its durable materials and exceptional craftsmanship allow the piece to last in the busiest areas of the home from the living room to the foyer to the kitchen and beyond.

  • Monochrome Trellis Rug 1

    Monochrome Trellis Rug

    Monochrome Trellis Rug is part classic with its sophisticated two-tone palette and part contemporary with its unique cowhide mosaic. Ideal for any space in the home, this area rug is composed of black squares and white rectangles that are carefully arranged in a trellis pattern. The solid black border accentuates the perimeter of the rug and makes the piece perfect for echoing the shape of a rectangular table. A luxurious pile makes the rug a pleasure to touch, yet the materials are hard-wearing and capable of withstanding the effects of heavy foot traffic.