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  • Deco Patchwork Rug 1

    Deco Patchwork Rug

    The Deco Patchwork Rug features a pattern inspired by art deco design that has been updated to work perfectly in modern spaces. A black grid and matching border are accented by black rings filled with four pieces of material in varying shades of brown, beige and white. Together, the cowhide pieces form a beautiful patchwork that elevates the look of every room with its elegant design. Made to last for years to come, the rug holds up to heavy foot traffic and is even stain resistant to simplify maintenance. On the back of the rug is a non-slip material that secures the accessory on hard flooring.

  • Daring Diagonal Cowhide Rug 1

    Daring Diagonal Cowhide Rug

    Daring Diagonal Cowhide Rug puts a dramatic finish on the look of a room but blends into interiors with ease due to the neutral hues that are featured in its design. Constructed out of the finest quality cowhide, the rug consists of squares fashioned out of diagonal stripes in varying shades of brown and white. The blocks come together to form a striking patchwork that catches the eye instantly. Stain resistant and able to hold up to foot traffic, this anti-slip modern rug is easy to care for and capable of lasting for years to come.

  • Gorgeous Grey Geo Rug 1

    Gorgeous Grey Geo Rug

    The Gorgeous Grey Geo Rug has an imaginative design inspired by the patterns often shown in elaborate mosaic tile floors, but has a soft, luxurious feel underfoot due to its materials. To create this unique cowhide rug, material in shades of grey and white are carefully cut into geometric shapes and then stitched together, creating a home accessory that is truly one-of-a-kind. A work of art for the floor, the contemporary rug is crafted with longevity in mind and resists staining and wear and tear due to foot traffic. Completing the design is a high-quality non-slip backing.

  • Transition Mosaic Rug 1

    Transition Mosaic Rug

    Discover the statement-making modern rug that you can use anywhere–the Transition Mosaic Rug. Fashioned out of the finest quality cowhide, this rug makes a stunning focal point on the floor with its gradual shift from black to brown to white colors as the eye moves along its surface. For entryways and other high traffic areas, the rug offers unparalleled resistance to wear and tear and the security of an anti-slip back. It’s even stain resistant, so you can place it in the kitchen or dining room or in areas where little ones play without worrying about maintenance.

  • Mod Diamond Patchwork Rug 1

    Mod Diamond Patchwork Rug

    Two go-with-everything colors combine to create an accessory that fits easily into any space while making a distinctive statement. The Mod Diamond Patchwork Rug is made from strips of black material and triangles in tones of brown carefully arranged to create light diamond shapes with a dark high-contrast border. Whether it’s placed in a high traffic area, on the floor for sitting and lounging or beneath a piece of furniture, this luxury accent rug will stand the test of time due to the durability and stain-resistance of its premium materials. The rug is non-slip for added convenience.

  • Hexagonal Patchwork Rug 1

    Hexagonal Patchwork Rug

    With the Hexagonal Patchwork Rug, you can finish off any floor in a bold way while enjoying the luxurious look and feel of premium cowhide. Hexagons in alternating black and brown stand out between diamonds of white in this fabulous geometric design. Because this rug can coordinate with any palette and is resistant to wear and tear and staining, it’s the perfect home accessory to use anywhere in your home. The neutral colors even let you redecorate while continuing to use this chic rug in your space, and you can be certain that the piece will handsomely last from year to year.

  • Escher Geometric Rug 1

    Escher Geometric Rug

    Like the prints of the 20th-century artist M.C. Escher, the Escher Geometric Rug teases the eye with a pattern that appears to extend into space in three dimensions. Certain to captivate anyone who sees it, this modern cowhide rug is a true showpiece; however, its neutral palette of browns, greys and whites allows it to share the spotlight with furnishings and accessories in a variety of colors. Cowhide gives the rug a plush, soft feeling underfoot while holding up to wear and tear and resisting staining to keep the accessory looking like new for years to come.

  • Grey Building Block Rug 1

    Grey Building Block Rug

    The Grey Building Block Rug has a unique look that captivates the eye and enlivens the imagination, making it the perfect choice of area rug for a room that could use a little extra creative flair. By carefully arranging geometric pieces of cowhide into a mosaic, a three-dimensional effect is created in this design. While the rug never fails to stand out, the mix of greys, browns, white and black keep the home accessory neutral enough to blend in effortlessly with the other elements in a room. The durable materials and stain-resistant finish let you place the rug anywhere without worry.

  • Brown Building Block Rug 1

    Brown Building Block Rug

    The Brown Building Block Rug has a fabulous three-dimensional effect that leaves you unable to look away once you’ve spotted it in a modern home interior. Unlike any other area rug you’ve seen before, this imaginative home accessory is made from cubes in shades of brown, black rectangles, and white parallelograms, which are carefully placed together to create the illusion that blocks are rising upwards from its surface. Resistant to both wear and tear and staining, this cowhide rug has a luxurious texture but is capable of withstanding the effects of everyday living to remain beautiful for years.

  • Diamond Cowhide Rug 1

    Diamond Cowhide Rug

    The Diamond Cowhide Rug combines a mix of earthy browns and beige with black and white for stunning results, and is a home accessory that will coordinate perfectly with your space. Carefully crafted to ensure quality, the rug is made from squares of cowhide that has the luxurious feel of fur but is resistant to both staining and wear. This rug is black at each corner and then transitions through different shades, leading the eye inward to a white diamond in the center. For safety and convenience, the contemporary area rug has an anti-slip grip material on its underside.

  • Checkered Mosaic Rug 1

    Checkered Mosaic Rug

    Checkered Mosaic Rug lets you keep your floor looking simple while still adding plenty of appeal to your space. Proof that neutral rugs can still make a bold statement, this rug features a checkerboard in brown, black and white along its center and then transitions to solid white and black in the corner for a striking look. Not only is this modern area rug incredibly fashionable, but it’s also highly functional due to the long-wearing, stain-resistant materials from which it is composed. The rug is ideal for any space in the home and is completed with a protective anti-slip backing.

  • Geometric Grid Rug 1

    Geometric Grid Rug

    Searching for that perfect statement-making rug to spice up a room? The Geometric Grid Rug will transform any space with its striking design that never fails to make a bold impression. This imaginative luxurious rug features a regular white grid that frames squares of cowhide material in solid black and in various patterns of black, white and brown. When viewed from afar, the rug seems to fade from black to brown to white for a visually intriguing effect. You’ll fall in love with this modern home accessory in an instant and its durable craftsmanship will allow you to enjoy it for years to come.

  • Pebble Area Rug 1

    Pebble Area Rug

    Bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors with the Pebble Area Rug, an incredibly unique home accessory that is as much as a conversation piece as it is a decorative accent for the modern home. With its circles of cowhide stitched together leaving openings in-between, the rug fools the eye and has the look of carefully polished pebbles covering the floor. The light earth tones of grey, beige and white add to the illusion. Guests will be eager to touch this whimsical rug, and because it’s durable and stain resistant, you won’t have to worry when they do.

  • Splash Patchwork Rug 1

    Splash Patchwork Rug

    The Splash Patchwork Rug is neutral to coordinate with the look of any decorating theme but adds a fun finishing touch to interiors. Square pieces of cowhide each show off a different mix of black and white markings with speckles, spots, and stripes. Predominantly black squares are placed at the center of the area rug, creating a striking splash effect that captures the eye. A solid black border grounds the design and makes the rug stand out on any floor. While the rug feels soft and luxurious, the materials are capable of standing the test of time, as they are both wear and tear and stain resistant.

  • Animal Print Patchwork Rug 1

    Animal Print Patchwork Rug

    The natural patterning of animal hides becomes a work of art in the design of the Animal Print Patchwork Rug. Spots, stripes and subtle two-tone squares come together to create a striking area rug that adds flair to interiors while still coordinating with any palette due to its neutral shades. A solid black border ties the entire piece together and makes the rug perfect for calling attention to a focal point in a room. Carefully crafted to stand the test of time, the rug resists wear and tear and staining, and it’s finished with an anti-slip backing that reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents.

  • Star Cowhide Rug 1

    Star Cowhide Rug

    Looking for a luxury rug to be the star of your decor? The Star Cowhide Rug will instantly add to the ambiance of your space with its striking design. A white star composed of carefully arranged squares of cowhide catches the eye, while the surrounding squares in tones of brown bring rich, warm earth tones to the design. As pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye, the rug will make an entryway, living room or other space feel cozy and inviting. The fine quality craftsmanship and durable, stain-resistant materials ensure that this home accessory will stand the test of time.

  • Starburst Patchwork Rug 1

    Starburst Patchwork Rug

    The Starburst Patchwork Rug brings a burst of style to interiors and adds character to modern spaces. The rug is composed of diamond-shaped cowhide pieces that are perfectly arranged to create zones of chocolaty browns, snowy whites and midnight blacks. While the cowhide rug is bursting with energy, its neutral colors allow it to complement home interiors without drawing attention away from furnishings and other accessories in the room. Durable enough to be used in areas with heavy traffic, the luxury area rug is resistant to staining, and its anti-slip backing keeps it securely in place for your convenience.

  • X Marks The Spot Rug 1

    X Marks the Spot Rug

    In the case of this rug, X marks the spot on something stylish, chic and sure to enhance the beauty of your home. This fabulous modern home accessory features a repeated geometric motif with beige “X” shapes superimposed on quatrefoils in shades of brown. Black crosses separate the elements in the pattern, and a solid black border frames the rug. Made to feel as luxurious as it appears, the unique home accessory is fashioned out of cowhide that has a fuzzy, warm feel and an attractive visual texture. The rug is resistant to stains and has an anti-slip back.