Can Cowhide Rugs Be Cleaned?

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Cowhide rugs are considered a fashionable item in a modern interior offering a unique and stylish appearance. They come within different patterns on a cow’s skin; however, just like every rug and carpet, cowhide rugs also require high maintenance to look fresh and appear new for a more extended period. Since the material is unbleached to retain the colors of a cow’s skin, it is often cured by going through various procedures and usage of chemicals to remove any odor being caused by it. Due to this, there are many misconceptions regarding cowhide rugs as they are not durable enough and might not last long due to going under a ton of chemical procedures, causing it to remain uncleaned. It’s because people think if cowhide rugs would go through a cleaning procedure, they might tear apart.

In this article, we’ll break this myth and discuss some of the easiest ways on how to clean and maintain cowhide rugs.

Ways to Clean Cowhide Rugs

Following are the ways you can use to clean cowhide rugs;

Shake Those Rugs

One of the safest and fastest ways of cleaning and maintaining your cowhide rugs is to shake the dirt off them. It’s an old method quite often used in the past. Go outside of your house while having cowhide rugs with you, go to your balcony or lawn, and shake your rugs vigorously until you find them dust-free.

Vacuum Them

Another simplest method is to vacuum your rugs. The vacuum will suck all the dust out of your cowhide rugs. Bring a vacuum, turn it on, and began pressing it on your carpets towards the direction of the hair on them. Avoid pressing it vigorously on your rugs not to cause napping. In this way, you’ll be able to get rid of that dust quickly for a longer-term.

Scrape off the Solid

If you find any solid food particles stuck on your cowhide rugs, try the scraping procedure by scraping off the food gently from your rugs. Once you have done, try preparing a liquid cleaning solution to clean the specific portion of your carpet which got dirty by adding any shampoo mixed with water. It would be best if its baby shampoo or any other less chemical shampoo as it won’t cause any damage to the rugs.

Soak up the Liquid

Lastly, if any liquid such as juice, wine, or soda fell on the rugs, immediately soak the liquid with a towel and prepare liquid cleaning solution and gently clean the spot before it dries and makes a stain.