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  • Diamond Lattice Rug 1

    Diamond Lattice Rug

    The Diamond Lattice Rug adds warmth to hard flooring and a modern finishing touch to any space with its mosaic composed of cowhide. Petite diamonds in varying shades of light brown and beige are framed with thick black diagonals in this unique design. Its neutral palette makes the rug easy to mix and match with many accent colors in a home interior design, while its durable construction ensures years of beautiful use in areas that receive heavy foot traffic. The stain-resistant materials are easy to maintain over time. For safety and convenience, the rug is finished with an anti-slip backing.

  • Black White Harlequin Cowhide Rug 1

    Black and White Harlequin Rug

    A traditional pattern and a classic color combination combine with a modern material to make the Black and White Harlequin Rug simply extraordinary. Diamonds of black cowhide appear between white frames, creating a two-tone effect that is dynamic but well-suited to any color palette. The geometric chic area rug features a solid white border that adds the perfect final detail to the sign. Easy to maintain and resistant to staining, this rug will hold up well to daily wear, even in areas that receive heavy foot traffic. On the back of the rug, an anti-slip backing helps to keep the accessory in place.

  • Ring Grid Rug 1

    Ring Grid Rug

    The Ring Grid Rug is an elegant study of geometry that makes a dramatic statement while matching any color palette with its black and white color scheme. A true masterpiece of craftsmanship, the patchwork rug features black grid lines that run vertically and horizontally, intersecting with solid black rings. The remainder of the rug shows off an array of natural black and white patterns that create a marble effect when viewed from afar. Materials make the accessory heavenly to walk, sit and lie on, and the rug is stain and wear and tear resistant to ensure durability and ease of care.

  • Deco Patchwork Rug 1

    Deco Patchwork Rug

    The Deco Patchwork Rug features a pattern inspired by art deco design that has been updated to work perfectly in modern spaces. A black grid and matching border are accented by black rings filled with four pieces of material in varying shades of brown, beige and white. Together, the cowhide pieces form a beautiful patchwork that elevates the look of every room with its elegant design. Made to last for years to come, the rug holds up to heavy foot traffic and is even stain resistant to simplify maintenance. On the back of the rug is a non-slip material that secures the accessory on hard flooring.

  • Daring Diagonal Cowhide Rug 1

    Daring Diagonal Cowhide Rug

    Daring Diagonal Cowhide Rug puts a dramatic finish on the look of a room but blends into interiors with ease due to the neutral hues that are featured in its design. Constructed out of the finest quality cowhide, the rug consists of squares fashioned out of diagonal stripes in varying shades of brown and white. The blocks come together to form a striking patchwork that catches the eye instantly. Stain resistant and able to hold up to foot traffic, this anti-slip modern rug is easy to care for and capable of lasting for years to come.