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  • Black White V Stripe Rug 1

    Black and White V Stripe Rug

    A trendy pattern is given a whole new look and texture with the Black and White V Stripe Rug. With the luxurious pile and warmth of cowhide, this natural rug feels amazing underfoot and makes a bold statement in any room. While from a distance the rug looks as if it were simply printed with alternating white and black stripes with continuous construction, upon closer inspection, you can see that this rug is actually a patchwork. Each black and white stripe is formed by meticulously stitching together rectangular pieces of cowhide, creating subtle vertical lines that enhance the visual appeal of the rug.

  • Concentric Diamond Cowhide Rug 1

    Concentric Diamond Cowhide Rug

    Prepare to be drawn in. The alternating diamonds in black and white that form the Concentric Diamond Cowhide Rug pulls your eye toward the center of the rug, making this contemporary home accessory a clever way to call attention to a focal point in any room from a dining table to a seating area. Fashioned out of the finest cowhide, the rug is constructed out of squares of white and black material that are laid out in stripes and then stitched together to create the geo design. A solid black border runs along the outer edges to clearly define the rug.

  • Modern Monochrome Cowhide Rug 1

    Modern Monochrome Cowhide Rug

    The Modern Monochrome Cowhide Rug is sure to add pizzazz to entryways, dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, foyers, parlors and other spaces within modern homes. Fabricated out of the finest quality cowhide, the rug is a patchwork formed from squares that are meticulously arranged into a contemporary geometric pattern and then stitched together. The design includes an X-shaped white motif accented by white diamonds and triangles, and the solid black border brings the look of the area rug to a stylish finish. This cowhide rug is stain-resistant and has an anti-slip backing to ensure safety.

  • Mod Diamond Patchwork Rug 1

    Mod Diamond Patchwork Rug

    Two go-with-everything colors combine to create an accessory that fits easily into any space while making a distinctive statement. The Mod Diamond Patchwork Rug is made from strips of black material and triangles in tones of brown carefully arranged to create light diamond shapes with a dark high-contrast border. Whether it’s placed in a high traffic area, on the floor for sitting and lounging or beneath a piece of furniture, this luxury accent rug will stand the test of time due to the durability and stain-resistance of its premium materials. The rug is non-slip for added convenience.