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  • Night Day Cowhide Rug 1

    Night and Day Cowhide Rug

    Once you have the Night and Day Cowhide Rug on the floor in your space, the difference between before and after will be day and night. While this rug is minimalist chic, it adds plenty of interest to contemporary interiors with its transition from black to brown to beige to white and back again. This fabulous floor covering is made from squares of natural cowhide. Anti-slip to ensure safety, the rug can be used in any spot in the home and has stain-resistant protection.

  • Modern Ombre Cowhide Rug 1

    Modern Ombre Cowhide Rug

    The Modern Ombre Cowhide Rug draws you in with its smooth transition of color and works to add interest to a space while perfectly complementing its surroundings. Rectangles of cowhide in varying shades gradually transition from deep black to chocolate brown to beige, leading the eye to the white middle of the design. The lush materials make the rug perfect for sitting and reclining on, while the durability of the home accessory ensures that it is equally well-suited for foot traffic and for placing under furnishings. Stain-resistant properties simplify maintenance. An anti-slip backing rounds out the features of this luxurious piece.

  • Transition Mosaic Rug 1

    Transition Mosaic Rug

    Discover the statement-making modern rug that you can use anywhere–the Transition Mosaic Rug. Fashioned out of the finest quality cowhide, this rug makes a stunning focal point on the floor with its gradual shift from black to brown to white colors as the eye moves along its surface. For entryways and other high traffic areas, the rug offers unparalleled resistance to wear and tear and the security of an anti-slip back. It’s even stain resistant, so you can place it in the kitchen or dining room or in areas where little ones play without worrying about maintenance.

  • Diamond Cowhide Rug 1

    Diamond Cowhide Rug

    The Diamond Cowhide Rug combines a mix of earthy browns and beige with black and white for stunning results, and is a home accessory that will coordinate perfectly with your space. Carefully crafted to ensure quality, the rug is made from squares of cowhide that has the luxurious feel of fur but is resistant to both staining and wear. This rug is black at each corner and then transitions through different shades, leading the eye inward to a white diamond in the center. For safety and convenience, the contemporary area rug has an anti-slip grip material on its underside.

  • Checkered Mosaic Rug 1

    Checkered Mosaic Rug

    Checkered Mosaic Rug lets you keep your floor looking simple while still adding plenty of appeal to your space. Proof that neutral rugs can still make a bold statement, this rug features a checkerboard in brown, black and white along its center and then transitions to solid white and black in the corner for a striking look. Not only is this modern area rug incredibly fashionable, but it’s also highly functional due to the long-wearing, stain-resistant materials from which it is composed. The rug is ideal for any space in the home and is completed with a protective anti-slip backing.

  • Geometric Grid Rug 1

    Geometric Grid Rug

    Searching for that perfect statement-making rug to spice up a room? The Geometric Grid Rug will transform any space with its striking design that never fails to make a bold impression. This imaginative luxurious rug features a regular white grid that frames squares of cowhide material in solid black and in various patterns of black, white and brown. When viewed from afar, the rug seems to fade from black to brown to white for a visually intriguing effect. You’ll fall in love with this modern home accessory in an instant and its durable craftsmanship will allow you to enjoy it for years to come.