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  • Gray Trellis Rug 1

    Gray Trellis Rug

    Gorgeous cowhide trellis patterns rest atop a blend of gray-toned wool and viscose backdrop, offering a rug that is not only striking to behold but also soft to walk upon as well. The Gray Trellis Rug uses varying shades of natural cowhide to make up the trellis patterns, giving it a diverse and naturally appealing look. The combination of viscose, wool and cowhide gives it a luxuriously soft look and feel, adding instant elegance to any look. On the back of the rug is an anti-slip mat that will prevent the rug from moving around excessively.

  • Diagonal Bar Rug 1

    Diagonal Bar Rug

    Perfectly subtle, the Diagonal Bar Rug is neutral enough to fit into the design styles of any room without clashing with its colors or decor pattern. The rug features alternating bars of medium thickness in white or gray, creating a beautiful eye-catching effect that you won’t be able to look away from. The rug itself is fashioned out of gorgeous cowhide leather, which is remarkably soft and smooth on its own but is made even more so with the addition of the viscose material. There is an anti-slip mat on the back to keep the floor covering in place.

  • Latticed Cowhide Area Rug 1

    Latticed Cowhide Area Rug

    Using natural tones of varying browns and white, the Latticed Cowhide Area Rug creates a subtle pattern that can easily be worked into any bedroom or living room regardless of the existing decor. The backdrop of the brown cowhide patterning is a light gray hue that makes the colors of the cowhide patterning pop. From top to bottom, the rug is crafted out of warm, soft cowhide and viscose material, while the wool blended in gives it a thicker, more durable and warmer feel. The anti-slip back allows it to remain stable for your safety.

  • Grayscale Trellis Rug 1

    Grayscale Trellis Rug

    Neutral hues and subtle diamond patterns make the Grayscale Trellis Rug one that is subtle enough to include into any room, no matter the color scheme or the design style. The rug has a light gray background upon which slightly darker gray, silver and off white strips of cowhide create the diamond-shaped patterns. The rug is crafted entirely out of a blend of viscose, wool and cowhide, which provides an ultrasoft and luxurious look and feel while also reinforcing its durability. The rug is designed to stay in place, thanks to its anti-slip mat.

  • Circles Area Rug 1

    Circles Area Rug

    Circular patterns swirl around and around to create the eye-catching patterns of the rug, making the Circles Area Rug a nice addition to any contemporary space that needs a little modern charm without taking away from the existing decor. The rug features a light gray backdrop that plays host to the pattern which consists of darker gray, silver and white hues. It is fashioned entirely out of high quality viscose and genuine cowhide leather, a combination that is softer than anything else. The wool thickens up the rug and gives it a warmer, cozier feel.

  • Natural Colors Diamond Rug 1

    Natural Colors Diamond Rug

    Using an intentionally faded, sandy brown hue, off whites and a cloudy gray color, the Natural Colors Diamond Rug mimics the colors often found in nature, particularly on river stones. The gorgeous rug uses all three of those colors to create diamond shapes running throughout the rug, giving it a more contemporary look. The rug is every bit as beautiful as it is strong, thanks to the luxurious and robust blend of wool, cowhide and wool, which is remarkably soft to the touch while also being warm and snug. An anti-slip mat on the back stops it from slipping around.

  • Grey And White Diamond Rug 1

    Grey and White Diamond Rug

    Taking design cues from retro styles and combining them with modern accents, the Grey and White Diamond Rug brings boldness and eccentricity to any space in which it is placed. The rug uses light grey and off white colors to create diamond patterns with alternating grey and white centers covering the entire rug. The rug is crafted entirely out of a soft blend of viscose and cowhide leather that gives it a touchable softness, while its wool material helps to warm it up. On the back of the rug is an anti-slip material for your safety.

  • Geometric Grey And Black Rug 1

    Geometric Grey and Black Rug

    Using a muted grey and black color scheme, the Geometric Grey and Black Rug is the perfect choice for those looking to warm up their bedroom or living room without contrasting sharply against the rest of the decor. Thin black lines work around the rug and join with one another to create incomplete diamond patterns with asymmetry that gives the rug an even more modern appearance. Fashioned out of a blend of warm wool, soft viscose and plush cowhide, the rug offers an impeccable softness and strength that allow it to remain a viable choice of rug for your home for years to come.

  • Gray And Black Striped Rug 1

    Gray and Black Striped Rug

    Simple and straightforward, the Gray and Black Striped Rug can help tone down the look of your bedroom or living room to pull it together without detracting from the rest of the decor. Rectangular in shape, the rug features thin, horizontal stripes of black and gray that have been interrupted with little patches of black. The rug is crafted out of the strongest, highest quality materials, including its unique blend of wool, viscose and cowhide, providing a remarkably soft and luxurious look and feel. The back has an anti-slip component for your safety to keep the rug in place.

  • Cowhide Silver Rug 1

    Cowhide Silver Rug

    The beautiful Cowhide Silver Rug uses a blend of sleek cowhide, wool and viscose to create the appearance of a shimmery rug, giving you a rug that can delight the senses in more than just its soft touch. The rug features a dark gray background upon which interlocking, weaving lines of natural cowhide create the pattern. The cowhide is available with its natural coloring intact, giving you a rug with a one-of-a-kind look. It is also crafted with wool and viscose that provides you with an equally as soft and warm rug for any room that needs it.

  • Galaxy Circular Rug 1

    Galaxy Circular Rug

    Bring the sharp, ultramodern decor of your living space down from ceiling to floor with the Galaxy Circular Rug. The rug features a starburst-style pattern that extends out from the center of the rug, and using a variety of gray, white and black panels, creates an exploded look like that of a star bursting into existence. The rectangular panels of the rug contrast with the soft curves of the perimeter for a truly unique and modern appearance. On the back of the rug is an anti-slip mat to keep it in place for your safety.

  • Grayscale Circular Rug 1

    Grayscale Circular Rug

    Warm up the space in your home using the sprawling Grayscale Circular Rug. The rug uses a combination of gray, white and black panels that give it a neutral look, making it ideal for placement in any room, regardless of its decor style. The rug has thin rectangular panels that contrast in shape against the overall circular nature of the rug for a truly unique appearance. It is crafted using a blend of materials that are at once soft and warm, giving you everything you need in a rug. The cowhide and viscose provide a one-of-a-kind softness that can’t be beat.

  • Diamonds And Circles Area Rug 1

    Diamonds and Circles Area Rug

    Put an artful touch on your modern home with the incredibly busy and intricate Diamonds and Circles Area Rug. The rug uses a neutral off white and gray color combination that affords it the neutrality it needs to be able to be incorporated into any room, regardless of the decor style or color scheme. Manufactured using premium cowhide leather and viscose, the rug looks every bit as luxurious as it feels, while its wool blend gives it a warmer, cozier feel. The anti-slip back keeps the rug from moving underfoot for your safety.

  • Grayscale Geometric Rug 1

    Grayscale Geometric Rug

    Neutral colors of black, white and gray combine in the ultramodern Grayscale Geometric Rug. The rug features square patches that consist of diagonal lines in black, gray and white, and when joined together, they create diamond shapes that repeat in an eye-catching manner across the rug. The rug is crafted out of a blend of cowhide leather, wool and viscose, a combination that provides an exceptionally warm, snug feeling. The wool traps in heat while the viscose and cowhide leather make it feel remarkable soft to the touch, cancelling out the roughness of wool.