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  • Black White Cow Mosaic Rug

    Black and White Cow Mosaic Rug

    Mooooove over ordinary rugs! The Black and White Cow Mosaic Rug is inspired by the natural spots of color found on black and white dairy cows and even provides the luxurious feel and warmth of cowhide to enhance the level of comfort in any room of your home. Fashioned out of premium cowhide, the majority of the rug is composed of squares of material in solid white and white with black spots. Triangles of solid black create a high contrast border around the edges that brings out the spotted patterning perfectly. This rug is anti-slip for safety in high traffic areas.

  • Monochrome Trellis Rug

    Monochrome Trellis Rug

    Monochrome Trellis Rug is part classic with its sophisticated two-tone palette and part contemporary with its unique cowhide mosaic. Ideal for any space in the home, this area rug is composed of black squares and white rectangles that are carefully arranged in a trellis pattern. The solid black border accentuates the perimeter of the rug and makes the piece perfect for echoing the shape of a rectangular table. A luxurious pile makes the rug a pleasure to touch, yet the materials are hard-wearing and capable of withstanding the effects of heavy foot traffic.