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  • Geometric Cowhide Rug

    Geometric Cowhide Rug

    Precisely cut triangles of cowhide are artfully arranged into the striking mosaic that is this contemporary area rug. With shades of black, grey, white and cream, the geometric cowhide rug can coordinate with any palette effortlessly. The texture of the material makes the rug as wonderful to feel underfoot as its color and intricate patterning are pleasing to the eye. While the stylish rug is luxurious, the home accessory is also incredibly durable and can withstand wear and tear even in high traffic areas. Anti-stain treatment and non-slip safety backing round out the features of this monochrome geometric rug.

  • Modern Dot Cowhide Rug

    Modern Dot Cowhide Rug

    If you’re searching for an area rug to add modern appeal to your space and coordinate perfectly with your palette, the Modern Dot Cowhide Rug is spot on! The mix of browns, beige and grey lets this rug blend in perfectly in virtually any interior and complements the look of hard flooring in a variety of colors. Made from cowhide, the rug features circles placed inside of squares in a repeated pattern that travels from end to end. To ensure easy care, the rug is stain-resistant, and the back is anti-slip for added safety.

  • Modern Geometric Cowhide Rug

    Modern Geometric Cowhide Rug

    Gorgeous geometric patterns cover the Modern Geometric Cowhide Rug in mesmerizing lines and angles that lead the eye around a never ending maze of beauty. The rug features varying shades of light brown, dark brown and tan squares that are interrupted by the creamy white and light gray-colored geometric shapes, providing an intricate mix of color and shape that can give an instant upgrade to any space in which it is placed. The rug is crafted entirely out of ultrasoft cowhide leather that feels soft and smooth beneath your feet while also being durable enough to outlast many years of use.

  • Gorgeous Grey Geo Rug

    Gorgeous Grey Geo Rug

    The Gorgeous Grey Geo Rug has an imaginative design inspired by the patterns often shown in elaborate mosaic tile floors, but has a soft, luxurious feel underfoot due to its materials. To create this unique cowhide rug, material in shades of grey and white are carefully cut into geometric shapes and then stitched together, creating a home accessory that is truly one-of-a-kind. A work of art for the floor, the contemporary rug is crafted with longevity in mind and resists staining and wear and tear due to foot traffic. Completing the design is a high-quality non-slip backing.