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  • Y Interlock Cowhide Rug

    Y Interlock Cowhide Rug

    Why settle for an ordinary area rug when you can invest in a home accessory that will catch the eye of guests and last for years to come? The Y Interlock Cowhide Rug has a novel design that looks like neutral-toned “Y” letters connecting with one another. A palette of greys, creams, beiges and tans makes this contemporary rug one that will look at home with any color scheme, and its furry material make it a wonderful rug for walking over barefoot and laying down on. Its design is made by stitching together “V” and triangular shapes of cowhide.

  • Earth Tone Mosaic Rug

    Earth Tone Mosaic Rug

    Whether it’s viewed from up close or from afar, the Earth Tone Mosaic Rug is a true delight for the eye. This luxurious modern home accessory is made by stitching together rectangular pieces of stain-resistant cowhide, and each individual section of material shows off its own unique texture, color, and pattern. Soft and warm, the rug makes lounging on the floor or walking barefoot a simple pleasure, and its durable materials and exceptional craftsmanship allow the piece to last in the busiest areas of the home from the living room to the foyer to the kitchen and beyond.

  • Pebble Area Rug

    Pebble Area Rug

    Bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors with the Pebble Area Rug, an incredibly unique home accessory that is as much as a conversation piece as it is a decorative accent for the modern home. With its circles of cowhide stitched together leaving openings in-between, the rug fools the eye and has the look of carefully polished pebbles covering the floor. The light earth tones of grey, beige and white add to the illusion. Guests will be eager to touch this whimsical rug, and because it’s durable and stain resistant, you won’t have to worry when they do.