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  • Chic Cow Print Rug

    Chic Cow Print Rug

    With a mosaic design, the Chic Cow Print Rug is made up of equally sized squares of cowhide in tones of solid white, solid black and spotted black and white. These individual pieces are carefully arranged to create black spots in opposite corners and smaller splashes of black throughout this rug’s unique monochrome design.

  • Midnight Cowhide Rug

    Midnight Cowhide Rug

    The Midnight Cowhide Rug is a dynamic home accessory that almost seems to move before your eyes. Created by carefully stitching together rectangular strips of luxury grade cowhide, this rug features spokes of black and grey at its bottom that seem to be radiating from a central point and then mixing with a white background as the eye travels outward toward the edges. Use this go-with-everything home accessory to add interest to any space and draw attention to an area of a room that you want to highlight; its durable, stain resistant materials allow it to hold up well anywhere you display it.

  • Chocolate Explosion Patchwork Rug

    Chocolate Explosion Patchwork Rug

    Boom! The Chocolate Explosion Patchwork Rug makes an explosively powerful statement in any room of the home and will instantly draw the eye to wherever it’s positioned. As a result, this cowhide rug works perfectly to accentuate special furnishings or guide the eye toward the main seating or dining area in a room. The brown and white rug is made from narrow, rectangular strips of hide that are artfully arranged to make it look as if the darkest colors are bursting outward from the bottom section of the rug. Its neutral hues blend effortlessly with any color palette.