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  • White Herringbone Rug

    White Herringbone Rug

    Who says that white area rugs can’t make a bold statement? The White Herringbone Rug draws the eye in with its subtle variations in color that include off-white, ivory, eggshell and pale beige. Clean and simple, the rug looks especially striking on dark floors and will match the palette of any space. Composed out of rectangular pieces of luxurious cowhide, the rug has an extravagant texture that matches its elegant style perfectly. The stain-resistant properties and easy-to-care-for materials of the home accessory eliminate the worries of soiling that can come with other white rugs.

  • Triangle Mosaic Rug

    Triangle Mosaic Rug

    Maintain a minimalist mod look in your space by finishing the floor with the Triangle Mosaic Rug. While this rug is solid black in color and sure to match any interior, its composition allows it to add a unique texture to any space. The area rug is made by carefully stitching together triangular pieces of black cowhide, creating a geometric look in a single shade. As functional as it is fashionable and luxurious, the rug is stain-resistant and durably crafted for use in any area. An anti-slip backing completes the design.