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  • Chainlink Cowhide Leather Rug 1

    Chainlink Cowhide Leather Rug

    Interlocking chains of various patterns of cowhide weave in and out of one another in the Chainlink Cowhide Leather Rug, offering an eye-catching, modern way to tie together any contemporary space. The rug features a light grayish tan background color, crafted from smooth, enticing cowhide leather. Atop the neutral backdrop are the weaving, almost serpentine style “links” crafted from a variety of cowhide colors and styles, including honey brown, light brown, black white and more, some strips retaining their natural hide patterning. From top to bottom, the rug is fashioned out of soft, stain-resistant cowhide leather for a luxurious look and feel.

  • Hexagonal Patchwork Rug 1

    Hexagonal Patchwork Rug

    With the Hexagonal Patchwork Rug, you can finish off any floor in a bold way while enjoying the luxurious look and feel of premium cowhide. Hexagons in alternating black and brown stand out between diamonds of white in this fabulous geometric design. Because this rug can coordinate with any palette and is resistant to wear and tear and staining, it’s the perfect home accessory to use anywhere in your home. The neutral colors even let you redecorate while continuing to use this chic rug in your space, and you can be certain that the piece will handsomely last from year to year.