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  • Splash Patchwork Rug 1

    Splash Patchwork Rug

    The Splash Patchwork Rug is neutral to coordinate with the look of any decorating theme but adds a fun finishing touch to interiors. Square pieces of cowhide each show off a different mix of black and white markings with speckles, spots, and stripes. Predominantly black squares are placed at the center of the area rug, creating a striking splash effect that captures the eye. A solid black border grounds the design and makes the rug stand out on any floor. While the rug feels soft and luxurious, the materials are capable of standing the test of time, as they are both wear and tear and stain resistant.

  • Animal Print Patchwork Rug 1

    Animal Print Patchwork Rug

    The natural patterning of animal hides becomes a work of art in the design of the Animal Print Patchwork Rug. Spots, stripes and subtle two-tone squares come together to create a striking area rug that adds flair to interiors while still coordinating with any palette due to its neutral shades. A solid black border ties the entire piece together and makes the rug perfect for calling attention to a focal point in a room. Carefully crafted to stand the test of time, the rug resists wear and tear and staining, and it’s finished with an anti-slip backing that reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents.