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  • Escher Geometric Rug 1

    Escher Geometric Rug

    Like the prints of the 20th-century artist M.C. Escher, the Escher Geometric Rug teases the eye with a pattern that appears to extend into space in three dimensions. Certain to captivate anyone who sees it, this modern cowhide rug is a true showpiece; however, its neutral palette of browns, greys and whites allows it to share the spotlight with furnishings and accessories in a variety of colors. Cowhide gives the rug a plush, soft feeling underfoot while holding up to wear and tear and resisting staining to keep the accessory looking like new for years to come.

  • Grey Building Block Rug 1

    Grey Building Block Rug

    The Grey Building Block Rug has a unique look that captivates the eye and enlivens the imagination, making it the perfect choice of area rug for a room that could use a little extra creative flair. By carefully arranging geometric pieces of cowhide into a mosaic, a three-dimensional effect is created in this design. While the rug never fails to stand out, the mix of greys, browns, white and black keep the home accessory neutral enough to blend in effortlessly with the other elements in a room. The durable materials and stain-resistant finish let you place the rug anywhere without worry.

  • Brown Building Block Rug 1

    Brown Building Block Rug

    The Brown Building Block Rug has a fabulous three-dimensional effect that leaves you unable to look away once you’ve spotted it in a modern home interior. Unlike any other area rug you’ve seen before, this imaginative home accessory is made from cubes in shades of brown, black rectangles, and white parallelograms, which are carefully placed together to create the illusion that blocks are rising upwards from its surface. Resistant to both wear and tear and staining, this cowhide rug has a luxurious texture but is capable of withstanding the effects of everyday living to remain beautiful for years.