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  • Abstract Mosaic Rug 1

    Abstract Mosaic Rug

    When you spy the Abstract Mosaic Rug, you can’t help but want to investigate the luxury home accessory up close. This uniquely designed area rug appears as if it were made of natural stone due to its mix of natural colors and abstract geometric forms; however, the mosaic is formed out of warm, plush pieces of cowhide, giving the rug a surprising texture and feel. A solid black border defines the edges of the large area rug and allows it to stand out against any type of flooring. The rug is stain resistant and finished with a non-slip backing.

  • Cowhide Mosaic Rug 1

    Cowhide Mosaic Rug

    Give your living space or bedroom an artistic finishing touch while also warming up the floor with the Cowhide Mosaic Rug. The rug uses a variety of shapes and sizes of cowhide patches that all fit together seemingly at random, creating a sort of patchwork-style finish. Each of these pieces of cowhide come with their own colors and patterns that offer a more diverse appearance. The rug is ultrasoft to the touch, thanks to its genuine cowhide composition. On the back are anti-slip components that keeps the rug from slipping around.